A FAMOUS actor is to lend his voice to an audio version of a popular book on the ships of the Clyde which was penned by a legendary captain.

The late Robin Hutchison, fondly remembered locally as 'Hurricane Hutch', wrote Top 10 Ships of the Clyde.

Now the much loved actor Bill Paterson will narrate his tales for audiences to listen to.

Captain 'Hurricane Hutch' took the helm of some of the Clyde's most iconic vessels, including the Waverley and MV Hebridean Princess.

His daughter Kay, a children's writer and publisher, says she is delighted to release the audio format of the book with Bill.

Kay Hutchison said: “Bill brings a unique warmth and authority to my father’s story”.

Veteran actor Bill, currently the voice of TV favourite show The Repair Shop, said his local links meant he was drawn to the book.

He said: "We spent our childhood cruising on those boats.

"I had an aunt who lived in Dunoon, so I was up and down there, sometimes sailing all the way from the centre of Glasgow.

"I was also friends with the late great sculptor George Wyllie, whose Gourock house overlooked the Tail o’ the Bank.

"George had been a customs officer and what he didn’t know about Clyde shipping wasn’t worth knowing.’

Top 10 Ships of the Clyde was first published in 2013 and is as much social history as it is about ships and shipping.

Following a career in the Merchant Navy, Capt Hutchison became one of the youngest skippers to serve on the the Firth of Clyde.

The new audiobook will be available from Thursday on Audible and other streaming services.

The hardback book is available from bookstores and online at www.hurricanehutch.co.uk