A PLUCKY Greenock pensioner who contracted coronavirus and was left fighting for his life is back on his feet after making a remarkable recovery.

Robert Meechan became gravely ill with the deadly virus in June and he faced a gruelling month-long battle in Inverclyde Royal as his loved ones waited for news.

The 76-year-old made it through and despite suffering a fall after leaving hospital, he is now back on his feet again.

Robert, who has lived in Greenock his whole life, said: "I was very sick indeed.

"I wasn't allowed any visitors while I was in the hospital.

"It was hard being in there and not being able to see anyone.

"I was in Inverclyde Royal for over a month.

"I think I have recovered well."

Just when Robert thought his ordeal was coming to an end he had another setback to contend with after suffering a fall.

But it ended up inspiring him to embark on a charity sponsored walk at the sheltered housing complex where he lives.

He is doing 40 laps of the corridor each day at St Margaret's Court.

Robert told the Tele: "When I got out I fell and hurt myself, so I lost a lot of my mobility.

"I decided to do this walking challenge as it is a way for me to get back on my feet again.

"I walk 20 laps in the morning and 20 laps in the afternoon and I keep track and tick it all off on my sheet."

Robert admits it has been tough not being able to socialise with fellow residents at St Margaret's during the lockdown.

Mr Meechan said: "It's hard as we can't see anyone in the communal areas here.

"I am a member of The Sunshine Club too and each year we go away to Blackpool, so I've really missed seeing all my friends there too.

"I hope things get back to normal soon.

"I've been lucky as I've been able to keep in touch with my family over the phone - my brother phones me from England and my sister calls from America."

Mr Meechan's nephew-in-law, Robert Ross, says it is a huge relief to see him back up and about.

He said: "It was really worrying not knowing what Robert was going through in hospital.

"I know he'd have struggled not seeing anyone.

"He's a real social butterfly and a chatterbox, so it would have been hard for him not having company.

"We are so glad he's back on his feet and we can now see each other weekly.

"Last year was a really worrying time for the family.

"We're chuffed for him to be taking on this walking challenge for a cause close to us all."

To donate to Robert's charity fundraiser, visit bit.ly/32vJwGF