THE LibDem election candidate says she has been bombarded with calls from patients concerned about health services in Inverclyde.

Dr Jacci Stoyle, who recently met with the health bosses to talk about the future of IRH, says there is great anxiety locally.

She spoke out after SNP rival Stuart McMillan told the Tele the constitution is the top priority for the people he speaks to.

Dr Stoyle says voters have asked her about vaccines, that patients are worried about not receiving treatments locally and have also highlighted the loss of services.

She says that long waiting lists for children's mental health is another problem that has been put to her.

Dr Stoyle added: "If Mr McMillan has not had these concerns mentioned to him, he should be asking why people are turning to an as yet unelected candidate.

"His complacency over cut after cut after cut should tell him that people know he won’t fight for our local health services, so they are turning to someone who will.

"It is top of the list when people contact me."