A RESTAURANT in Gourock is re-opening today three weeks earlier than planned.

Gregg McLeod, owner of the Cafe Continental on Kempock Street says he is looking forward to welcoming regulars back through the doors.

The businessman had been critical of the government's decision to only allow the sale of alcohol outside and originally said he was going to wait until May 17, when drinks could be served within the premises.

Mr McLeod said the plans had changed because when he previously spoke out he thought stricter measures would still be in place.

He said: "We didn't think we would be able to open outside and we would be restricted to 6pm.

"We are looking to seeing customers back and are busy with bookings."

He revealed that the Cafe had been successful in being granted a licence to permit tables outside.

Mr McLeod said: "The council realise the importance to the community and to us and granted the licence."

The businessman remains vocal in his opposition to the way the government has handled restrictions and is not happy with the 8pm indoor and 10pm outdoor curfews.

He said: "These are arbitrary figures pulled out of the air - there are no stats to justify this.

"These slots are the government interfering in the internal working of a restaurant.

"I don't tell Nicola Sturgeon how to run her government."

Cafe manager Laurie McGilp says the team are raring to go and give everyone a warm welcome today.

Laurie said: "It's good to be back.

"The Cafe is a big part of the community and we are looking forward to welcoming our customers and getting back to some normality."