A HOUSING crisis is taking hold in Inverclyde as families are forced to live in overcrowded social housing.

Greenock councillor Colin Jackson says he has been flooded with calls from residents living in 'unbearable' cramped conditions.

The councillor, who represents the poorest ward in the country, says there needs to be major investment in social housing and a commitment to build more three and four bedroom properties.

Mr Jackson said: "In the last few months I have been contacted by a number of local families who are living in unbearable overcrowded social housing accommodation.

"Acting on their behalf I have contacted every social landlord in Inverclyde to try and help these families secure proper accommodation.

"So far not one single family has been helped.

"Families are being broken up because of this problem.

"It's got to change."

The Tele previously reported Councillor Jackson's call for a rethink on the way social housing is allocated, to stop penalising tenants who need to move to a larger house.

As a result of his lobbying, associations agreed to a review of the allocation policy.

But he was told in talks with housing bosses that Inverclyde Council would need to make building larger social houses a priority through their Strategic Housing Investment Plan

Councillor Jackson added: "I have had meetings with social housing landlords who all accept that this is a huge problem but they have no intention of fixing it.

"Inverclyde has a serious problem with depopulation and the council in partnership with these housing association have a strategy to attract families to work and live in Inverclyde, but at the moment we can't even supply enough homes for local families never mind incoming workers."

A council spokesperson said: “This is something we will consult with local registered social landlords about and examine further.

“The most recent Inverclyde Strategic Housing Investment Plan, which covers a five-year period, was approved by the environment and regeneration committee last month.

“The plan is reviewed and updated each year taking into consideration any changes in local housing requirements.”