KIDS, parents, and staff of Larkfield Children's Centre are preparing for a move into their stunning new, state-of-the-art building, nearing completion on Greenock's Stafford Road. However, this did not stop them from celebrating the important milestone of their 10th anniversary. All of us at the Tele sending our congratulations and we look forward to visiting them when they are comfortably set up in their new premises. Here we take a look back to some of the many highlights of Larkfield Children's Centre from the past 10 years. Inverclyde councillor Terry Loughran officiated at the opening of the new Larkfield Children's Centre back in 2011. Mr Loughran helped the kids as they quickly got to work with their toy building bricks in the bright sunshine.

THIS picture features proud Larkfield Children's Centre graduates of 2013. The youngsters were caught on camera before being presented with their scrolls.

STAFF and kids wasted no time in getting down to learning and having great fun as they held a 'Pirate Day' only weeks after the centre's official opening. They boarded their pirate ship which was suitably decorated with skull and crossed swords flag, and billowing sail.

LARKFIELD Children's Centre had great cause for celebration when they gained a coveted Eco Flag in 2019. The accolade was achieved in recognition of the hard work and effort made by youngsters and staff to improve the environment both in and around centre grounds.

TIARAS and crowns were the order of the day when the kids of Larkfield Children's Centre gathered to celebrate their first anniversary. Staff and youngsters posed up for the camera before enjoying a slice of cake and birthday games.