FUTURE engineers and architects at a Gourock school have honed their skills with a series of den building sessions.

The P7 classes at St Ninian's Primary came up with their own creations made from pieces of wood, crates, hula hoops and plastic cones.

The object of the exercise was to boost their team-building skills and bring what they learn in the classroom outside.

School head Lesley McCabe said: "Through loose parts play like this the pupils develop communication, team-building and leadership skills as well as resilience and problem solving.

"The children have been busy creating different structures with the loose parts, which involves negotiating and perseverance."

When the Tele stopped by one group building a chair were carefully working out calculations to make sure it was steady.

Laura Quinn, 12, said: "We had to keep the balance and make sure it was equal on both sides to stop it collapsing."

Other classes have meanwhile enjoyed outdoor learning at landmarks across Inverclyde.

Mrs McCabe said: "We are delighted our pupils also make use of the fabulous environment, with classes visiting Tower Hill and the Coves Reservoir.

"Our primary five children are currently making use of the Battery Park for literacy, numeracy and wellbeing work and they have enjoyed lunch in the park too.

"We are so lucky to have such wonderful opportunities on our doorstep."