CONSERVATIVE candidate Jamie Greene says the SNP’s record on public finances means they cannot be trusted to deliver good value to taxpayers.

Mr Greene says £4.5 billion has been 'wasted' on 'individual failures', including around £100m on the ferries debacle at Ferguson Marine in Port Glasgow.

He added: “Whether it was the ferries fiasco, the failed Named Person Scheme, or even the £500,000 spent on the Salmond trial, it’s clear that when it comes to public money the SNP cannot be trusted.

“These vast sums could have been spent on improving Inverclyde’s schools, boosting GP services or fixing potholes but instead it has vanished into a black hole of SNP incompetence.

“The Scottish Conservatives remember that government money comes from hard-working taxpayers and we are the only party who have published a fully costed manifesto.”