A CONVICTED thief who breached bail on six occasions after stealing a woman's bank card has pleaded guilty to flouting a night-time curfew.

Kirsty McLintock, 34, was caught outside her Mearns Street flat engaged in a shouting match with a man when she should have been at home adhering to the court order.

The sheriff court heard how McLintock — who was spotted by police officers at 7.20pm — told officers that her curfew was between 8pm and 8am, but a check of systems showed that she should have been indoors at 7pm.

She was placed on an electronic tag after admitting, through her lawyer Aidan Gallagher, to helping herself to the bank card and then using it to withdraw the sum of £50 from an ATM machine.

McLintock is due to be sentenced on the curfew breach in August.