A DANGEROUS child-preying sex attacker is under 24-hour supervision in his Greenock flat following his release from prison, the Telegraph can reveal.

Christopher Morrison, 28 — who groped a four-year-old boy in a supermarket toilet — is monitored round-the-clock by a mental health organisation.

A team of staff from the Richmond Fellowship take turns in sleeping over in the town centre property with the deviant so that permanent tabs can be kept on him.

The news emerged after Morrison appeared at Greenock Sheriff Court to plead guilty to a breach of the terms of his registration on the Sex Offenders Register.

He failed to sign-in at the town's police office for an annual update of his inclusion on the register between January 4 in 2020 and January 3 this year.

Morrison made national headlines in 2013 when he was jailed for assaulting his four-year-old victim in an Asda store in Clydebank.

Judge Lord Bracadale told him at the time: "You have no previous convictions but it is clear from the risk assessment report there is a serious background here."

The young victim had been out with his mother and grandmother when he went to the supermarket's toilet on his own.

Morrison — who was already there — didn't say anything to the boy, but gestured for him to be quiet by putting his finger to his own mouth.

He then indecently assaulted the boy before hurrying away from the scene.

Following his early release from prison in 2015, he was living in the immediate vicinity of Greenock's Kelly Street Children's Centre when he was caught with an indecent image of children on a mobile phone.

As a result, he was returned to jail to serve out his entire sentence until 2019 for the supermarket assault but was free to apply for parole on an annual basis.

Morrison is no longer resident in Kelly Street.

His lawyer, Ellen Macdonald, said of the Sex Offenders Register breach that there had been a mix-up in exchange of information from public protection and community safety organisation Sacro, which was previously involved with Morrison, to the Richmond Fellowship.

Ms Macdonald said: "The background is that he has learning difficulties and relies heavily on the support he receives.

"It is his responsibility but it seems he just simply forgot, and others did not remind him.

"Information [about the registration] was not passed from Sacro to the Richmond Fellowship."

Solicitor Ms Macdonald told the court that her client will continue to be monitored 24/7 by the Richmond Fellowship, under current arrangements, until 2024.

Morrison, whom the court heard will be moving address again soon, was placed on deferred sentence to be of good behaviour by Sheriff Hughes.

The matter is due to call again in November.

Sheriff Hughes has asked for a progress report on Morrison for then.