GOUROCK residents say a decision to block permission for a self-build development near the town's golf course is just par-fect.

Councillors went against the recommendation of planners to reject the bid by Inverdunning on the grounds of proximity to the golf course and safety of the proposed access road.

The company wanted six plots at a site next to Rosemount Place, beside the golf course and off Carnoustie Avenue.

Gary Woodside, who lives in Rosemount Place, said: "We are really pleased with the outcome and the decision taken by the majority of councillors.

"The six councillors who voted to reject this planning application by Ben Barr of Inverdunning represented the opinions of the local residents very well indeed and we are really grateful to them.

"In the main our objection was not to new houses being built, but what looked like a complete disregard of the obvious safety concerns if the lane on Rosemount became a main road for very large houses with multiple large modern vehicles.

"It appeared to me that profit was being prioritised over public safety.

"It was also very difficult to fathom out some of the views expressed by the roads manager and the three councillors who supported this application, who basically didn't accept there were any safety concerns.

"We are relieved and happy that our safety has been taken seriously and it was correctly rejected."

Another resident of Rosemount Place, said: "My objections were not based on the houses being developed through self-build plots.

"I am very much for the area being developed, however I objected with regards to the access of four of the plots coming in from Rosemount Place due to safety.

"There is an alternative option for access coming from Cowal View which hasn’t been explored.

"It would decrease the number of plots and ultimately not make the site as profitable for the owner, but would make it a much safer option."

Inverdunning have indicated that they may exercise their right of appeal against the decision.

The company told the Telegraph earlier this week that they were examining the decision and considering their options.