COMMUNITY pitch campaigners have been successful in their bid to open up pitches to young people.

Councillors Lynne Quinn and Tommy McVey have been calling for these sports facilities to remain during the day and be closed at night.

A trial over the summer holidays at Drumshantie Road and Broomhill pitches was a success.

It was agreed by councillors at a meeting of the Education and Communities Committee to agree to a pilot for a year at these venues.

Councillor Lynne Quinn said: "I am delighted. It means young people can enjoy the facilities during the day and they will be closed at night.

"Most councillors agreed that there should be access to these facilities."

These two pitches are managed by Inverclyde Leisure and will be closed at night by staff.

The report to committee said: "As most of the anti-social behaviour takes place at night, the proposal is to pilot the provision of

a dedicated resource to opening the crawl holes in the morning and closing them at night at a

cost of £19k per year, but this may be less when lets resume.

"The funding for this resource would be taken from the U19’s sports grants.

"The pilot will open the crawl holes at Drumshantie Road and Broomhill pitches in the first instance.

Parklea has several grass pitches next to the 3G pitch which can be used by the community when they are not let."