A FLY-TIPPING hotspot in Greenock over run with rats and rubbish has finally been cleared thanks to a massive community clean-up.

Fed-up residents in Kilcreggan View have been forced to live beside heaps of debris illegally dumped right on their doorsteps.

During lockdown local areas filled up with unwanted household goods, abandoned cars and litter.

Shocked ward councillor Colin Jackson raised the alarm after walkabouts in the area left him appalled.

Now it is hoped an action group will bring the neighbourhood together and finally put an end to such anti-social behaviour.

Councillor Jackson said: "I want to thank those volunteers who give up their own time to keep the area clean and tidy.

"They are a credit to themselves and to their community, but there is only so much they can do.

"When I was contacted and came out and saw the amount of rubbish that had been dumped here I couldn't believe it.

"I'm glad we could help and hope those responsible take notice of the pride local people have in their community and that they think twice before they decide to dump their rubbish illegally."

The Tele has covered a number of stories about the state of the area, with residents saying they felt 'helpless' by the fly-tipping.

The council's environmental health team agreed to step in and take action after vermin was spotted in the rubbish heaps piled high in certain areas.

An Inverclyde Council spokesperson said: “While there are elements of private property involved in this area which is outwith our control, we’re looking at what we can do to help resolve issues around fly-tipping, abandoned vehicles, litter and grounds maintenance to try and tidy up the area to support residents.

“We’ll also be engaging with the community to see what we can do to support the formation of a new group or organisation to bring together residents, tenants and private landowners to deal with these types of issues collaboratively on an ongoing basis.

“Ultimately, fly-tipping and dropping litter in particular are illegal, selfish and harmful to communities and the environment.

“We urge people to please take pride in Inverclyde and dispose of rubbish responsibly.

“How would you like it if rubbish was dumped on your doorstep?”