AS the prospects of fine weather improve and we move into summer, children and adults should be getting ready to join in the fun of fetes and shows held across Inverclyde.

But although we are now seeing promising signs that our vaccines are winning the battle against the pandemic, the recovery is sadly too late to save this year's Gourock Garden Party that should have taken place this month.

Here are five pics that might serve as a reminder of successful Gourock galas of the past.

These teeny dancers put on a great show during the Gourock Garden Party of 2005. Sunny weather helped make the day of music, dance, and games a great success.

KARYS Puckrin, Rhona Marshal and Karen McLeod represented 4th Gourock Guides in one of the many stalls set up for the Gourock Garden Party in 2012. The team sold plants and flowers to raise funds for their upcoming Jamboree.

BASED on the popular TV show 'The Apprentice', the Recruit is a successful Inverclyde project where young people are given the opportunity to land an employment contract. Candidates of the 2010 intake are seen here working in their cake and candy stall at the Gourock Garden Party in 2010.

WINNER of the under fives' fancy dress competition, Rhys Low brought more than a splash of colour to a sunny afternoon at the garden party in 2012.

THIS young Thunderbird character didn't want to leave his colleague behind after judging of the fancy dress competition. I caught this shot of him as he stooped to pick up the inspiration for his costume back in the Gourock Garden Party of 2007.