A COMMUNITY hub that serves up cuppas and company is as busy as ever after lockdown ended at last.

Lyle Gateway is welcoming up to 60 people every Tuesday and Thursday - and after more than a year away people are glad to be back.

Jean Feherty, 85, said: "I missed the company.

"I come and get a cup of tea in the morning and have my lunch here.

"It's a nice atmosphere, it's very friendly and you get to know people."

Her friend Joan Trubridge, also 85, said: "I am chuffed to to bits to be back- we are one big happy family.

"I've made lots of friends here, we're a lovely happy bunch."

As well as the cafe there is also table tennis and other activities.

Eleanor Henley said: "I am a carer for my husband and this gets me out - that applies to a lot of people in here."

Jimmy Crawford, chair of Lyle Gateway, says he is delighted to see the cafe so busy again.

He said: "I am very encouraged by the numbers.

"People are really happy to be back.

"When strangers come in they say this building has a nice feel about it.

"It's not a cold church building, it's a happy place and this is what we build on.

"A lot of cafes in the town would be happy to have a crowd like this through their doors."