YOUNG adventurers are back climbing the walls in Greenock for the first time in more than a year.

Ravenscraig Sports Centre is welcoming young people across Inverclyde to its X-height climbing walls again.

The fun had to be shelved due to coronavirus virus restrictions - but now the young rock stars are back in action.

Isla Crawford, seven, is thrilled to be back making her way up the walls at the centre.

She said: "I love it.

"It's so good to be back.

"I like going up really high."

X-height was introduced at the centre in 2016.

Each 25ft wall provides climbers with a new challenge and a different experience.

Youngsters climb with a harness and a device called an auto belay which takes up the slack of the rope.

The centre runs a structured programme for youngsters and disciplines for each level have to be completed before moving onto the next stage.

Instructors help youngsters develop their climbing skills and increase their activity level every week.

Hollie Stanton of Inverclyde Leisure said: "Our learn to climb programme is great for children to build confidence while having fun.

"It's a full body workout for the kids and it's a really social activity as well.

"It's an instructor-led programme, so parents can sit back and have a coffee while the children climb with our qualified instructors.

"I think it's a hidden gem and the kids just love it."

Instructor Tony Gallagher added: "It's great to watch the youngsters come in and achieve something for the first time.

"Isla recently climbed to the top of the standing structures for the first time ever, which is a great achievement.

"It's a fantastic activity for them to get involved in."

X-height classes run Monday to Thursday in hour slots between 4pm and 8pm.

The centre is currently offering the first month of classes for just £1.

To find out more call 213126 or email


NEW HEIGHTS: Hollie Stanton, Kyran Crumlish, 11, Tony Gallagher, and Isla Crawford, seven.