A HEALTH coach who made Inverclyde her home during lockdown has hailed a local sports hub for helping her fight isolation.

Morag Ferguson moved to Gourock from the Middle East, having worked in human resources with Saudi Arabia's national oil company.

But her dream move took an unexpected turn when she suddenly found herself stuck on her own in a new place during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now the 45-year-old has forged new friendships through the Gourock Community Sports Hub and has become a walk leader with the Inverclyde Bothy.

She hopes to inspire other people to take up opportunities across Inverclyde

Health fanatic Morag, who lives in Cardwell Road, said: "I wanted to live beside the water so I chose Gourock and I love it.

"But I moved last year and I was suddenly on my own and I didn't know anyone - it was hard.

"I felt increasingly isolated but I started to go on walks with Inverclyde Bothy and made friends with so many people.

"It helped such a lot and it ties in with what I do professionally.

"Mental and physical wellbeing is obviously a top priority for me and getting out walking with the hub really helped me.

"I also started cycling as well and can't thank Lorna McCarthy at the Bothy enough for all her support.

"It is the most fantastic community here in Gourock."

Morag recently made a video for the Gourock Community Sports Hub, which brings clubs from across the town together.

Within the hub umbrella there is bowling, cycling, walking, golfing, sailing, cricket, archery and tennis represented.

All the clubs work hand in hand to bring opportunities to local residents and they are also collectively supporting plans to rejuvenate the Gourock Park.

Through the hub, Morag has also taken up bowls at Gourock Park.

The former human resources executive turned life coach helps clients across the globe from Australia to Trinidad.

She said: "I have always been passionate about health and wellbeing and wanted to find out more and help other people.

"The food you eat affects everything."

Morag recently started a blog setting out how to use food to boost wellbeing.

She added: "It is about helping people get the best out of their bodies.

"I loved working in Saudia Arabia with Aramco, I lived in a complex with 14,000 other people.

"I have been interested in physical and mental health my whole life.

"But I am loving Gourock and I am building up my new life here as a health and wellbeing coach."