A GOUROCK shopkeeper says his wife was left badly shaken when two young men snatched expensive alcohol from his Kempock Street store and sprinted out.

Graham Paterick, owner of The Big Night In off-sales, gave chase to two young thieves who helped themselves to £60-worth of alcohol from his store.

The pair made off with a bottle of Grey Goose vodka along with a selection of other alcoholic drinks in a raid on Thursday evening.

Graham and his wife Andrea, who also attempted to stop the thieves, have been left dismayed by the incident as they battle through the pandemic.

He says it's 'disappointing' after months of losing footfall due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Graham, from Gourock, told the Tele: "This has been a difficult enough year for us without being targeted like this.

"Just because we were permitted to open doesn't mean it was easy - when people are being advised to stay home, there's a real lack of footfall.

"It's so disappointing and my wife was actually left quite shaken up by the incident."

During lockdown, the shop helped the local community by organising various collections for charities and groups.

The two thieves who struck made off towards Gourock Railway Station with the bottle they had grabbed and police are trying to track them down.

Graham said: "I didn't recognise the two boys and I couldn't pinpoint their age exactly - they would of course been asked for ID if they were at the till.

"I overheard their conversation from up the stairs, and as quickly as I heard one say 'just get the Grey Goose', they had grabbed it and were off.

"It's really upsetting."

The thieves, who were captured on CCTV cameras inside the shop, made off towards Gourock Railway Station with the stolen items and police officers are trying to track them down.

Anyone with information can pass details to Greenock police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.