A WEAPONS offender with multiple convictions who chased a man along a street in broad daylight whilst brandishing a knife has been handed prison sentences totalling two years.

Colin Grant was told by a sheriff that the alarming lunchtime incident on Greenock's Ingleston Street marked a 'significant advance' in his criminal behaviour.

Grant, 29, stopped his car and got out to pursue his victim whilst on bail on machete and baseball bat allegations after the man had 'made a gesture' towards him, the sheriff court was told.

His lawyer, Ellen Macdonald, told a sentencing hearing: "With a sensible head he should have carried on with his journey.

"When his mental health declines his drug use usually increases."

The court was told that Grant, previously of Cathie Allan Place, had in the past armed himself with hammers and knives in order to hand himself into the police.

Solicitor Ms Macdonald said: "He sees it as a way of turning off the tap of drugs and as a way of getting some help.

"There is nothing for violence on his record.

"Mr Grant is aware of the dangers weapons pose in this area."

CCTV footage showed grant turning his red Ford Fiesta around before crossing the road and running towards a group of men 'in a threatening manner' after arming himself with a black-handled knife.

Police who arrested him recovered the blade as well as 70 street valium etizolam tablets following the incident on February 15.

Grant pleaded guilty to indictment charges of assaulting a man by presenting a knife and pursuing him, unlawful possession of the blade and having the illegal pills.

Sheriff Joseph Hughes told him: "I note that you previously contacted the police as a cry for help, however, this is a significant advance.

"You carried out an assault and a pursuit whilst on bail.

"I have to mark the seriousness of this matter with a prison sentence."

The sheriff imposed an 18-month sentence backdated to February 16, the date Grant was first remanded in custody, plus a further six months for a series of bail breaches.