THE Tele is coming to the aid of families across Inverclyde struggling to put food on the table this summer through a new campaign.

We are asking our readers, local business and communities to come together and donate much-needed food for our neighbours, friends or families who have fallen on hard times.

Last year alone around 1,000 youngsters were fed through the endeavours of the Inverclyde Foodbank team, who send out hundreds of parcels every week to men, women and children in the greatest need.

Now we are joining forces with the frontline anti-poverty charity to restock its shelves and ensure there is enough food to go round in the months to come.

Since setting up in 2012, the volunteers have helped feed and clothe more than 30,000 people locally.

Now we are set to send out our very own bag - sponsored by Dallas Carpets - inside Inverclyde's favourite paper which readers can fill, handing to us or the charity themselves.

Andrew McAlees, pictured, of the Hope Community Church, who runs the facility, said: "This is an incredible gesture from the Greenock Telegraph and Dallas and we are delighted to receive this support. We are so grateful for all the help we get from the local community and I'm sure they will rally again for us.

"It has been a very difficult year and we are really starting to see a rise in demand again with the holidays."

The church runs the foodbank from its West Blackhall Street base as part of their i58 project, which also includes school uniform, baby banks and a debt support charity.

Volunteer and long-time support Lorella Sutherland, who is a mum-of-two and Tesco's Community Champion, has saw first hand the difference the charity makes.

She said: "It is terrible that in this day and age we need a foodbank. But hunger exists and the work they do is incredible. When I go to help out it can be very emotional and very upsetting. People don't realise what it is like not to be able to afford food for your own family.

"I always remind people is, this can happen to absolutely anyone, we can all fall on hard times."

Tele sales manager Jolene McGee said: "We understand the fantastic work that the foodbank does for the local community and we are delighted to get behind such a worthwhile cause.

"We would like to thank Dallas Carpets for their sponsorship and continued support."

Editor Brian Hossack said: "This is a very important campaign and one I'm sure that the Inverclyde public will get right behind."

The food bags will be included in every Tele on August 4. All readers have to do is fill them up and deliver them to the charity direct or drop them in at the Greenock Telegraph public counter.

You can also donate through our fundraising page, where all the cash will be used to buy supplies for foodbank. Visit

Inverclyde Foodbank, 64 West Blackhall Street, is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday from 1 to 4pm. Our office at 2 Crawfurd Street is open from 9am to 5pm.