A BROOMHILL Court resident with asbestosis who has faced a catalogue of problems with his flat today slammed housing bosses over the cracked render which will have to be removed from the building after just four years.

Neil McEwen, whose health has been deteriorating, had repeatedly raised the alarm about problems on the outside of the block and the Tele has been reporting on the problems for over two years.

Mr McEwen has been flooded almost 20 times, suffered a sewage pipe leak and had to have all his windows replaced, despite the £30 million regeneration work completed in 2017.

He was sent a leaflet by River Clyde Homes telling him that they would now have to carry out urgent repair work on all three blocks on Ann Street, with months of disruption ahead for residents.

Grandad Neil, 51, said: "I have told them before about the cracks outside - you can see them on all the buildings and now we have been proved right.

"With my health is bad as it is, I just want out.

"But I have been here 15 years and I don't know where else I would end up.

"There are people who have moved in and then moved back out because of problems.

"We all said at the time the job wasn't done right - there is no way that they should have to do this less than five years after the work was done.

"I have complained so many times, but I don't think it is just the outside of the building that has problems.

"I think there are problems everywhere."

Neil had to move out of his flat recently so that repairs could be made to his bedroom ceiling.

River Clyde Homes announced on Wednesday that they would be taking all the render off Prospecthill Court, as well as on the ground floor areas of Broomhill Court and Whinhill Court, with more checks to be carried out on both.

The cost of the fiasco is not yet known, as the housing association says it is still in talks with the lead contractor who carried out the rendering.

A spokesman added: "We have implemented all recommended health and safety measures and will maintain these measures throughout the period of the works.

"We are keeping residents informed about this work and the guidance they should follow.

"The issues affecting the blocks in Broomhill do not impact on other blocks managed by River Clyde Homes. Almost 1000 tenants enjoy high rise living across Inverclyde and we have taken the opportunity to write to them all by way of reassurance and to alleviate any potential concerns."