COLLEGE students can get their Covid vaccination on campus as a mobile jabs clinic rolls into town.

West College Scotland has announced a drop-in at the Finnart Street campus on Wednesday.

New Student Association president Abbie McGrath is urging as many of her peers as possible to follow in her footsteps and get vaccinated.

It comes as cases of Covid rise rapidly in the area, with a race on to get young people protected.

So far nearly 8,000 young people aged 18-29 have had their first dose, with 23 per cent still to be jabbed.

Student leader Abbie, 20, said: "We want as many students as possible to take the opportunity to protect their fellow students, community, family and themselves.

"This is a great move by the college and we back it 100 per cent.

"We all want to get back to normal and have more face to face lectures."

The latest vaccination figures in Inverclyde show that 77 per cent of the 18-29 year old age group have had their first dose, which is above the national average of 73 per cent.

Among 16-17 years olds, 33 per cent have been vaccinated, less than the Scottish average of 44 per cent.

Covid cases have increased as schools go back and public health restrictions are eased.

As well as promoting the importance of jags, Abbie also hopes to get more student representation in the college after what has been a difficult year for many.

She said: "The home learning has been difficult for some but we are looking at a more flexible way of working in the college.

"Many students have other commitments and it benefits them to be able to be at home in some instances.

"I want to get more students reps in class so that we can get more communication."

*The mobile vaccination clinic will be at the Finnart Street campus, Newton Street entrance, on Wednesday from 10am to 6.30pm and it is open to college staff, students and the wider community.