INVERCLYDE'S MP has hailed a potential breakthrough in his campaign for a ban on fireworks.

Ronnie Cowan has been lobbying for years to curtail their use after complaints from many constituents, including pet owners.

He featured in the Telegraph two years ago with dog owner Robert Carrick, calling for a change in the law.

Mr Cowan has today welcomed new legislation brought forward by the Scottish Government on the issue.

He said: “I’m delighted that the SNP Scottish government has included in its programme a Fireworks and Pyrotechnics Bill that will ensure fireworks are used safely and appropriately while also addressing the general misuse of pyrotechnics.

“I’ve campaigned on this issue for some time, on the back of a range of correspondence I’ve received from constituents who are fed up with the noise and the detrimental effect it has on their pets.

"As the Dogs Trust informed me, fireworks - which can be loud, bright, unpredictable and difficult to escape from - can cause dogs immense stress and this has a negative impact on their welfare."

Mr Cowan wants Westminster to do a u-turn and bring in its own measures.

He said: "I now hope the UK Government will follow the Scottish Government lead, as in previous correspondence to me they stated they had no plans to ban the sale of fireworks.”