A SISTER act who have created an innovative food ordering mobile phone app for Inverclyde say the more support they receive from the community the more they can give back.

Clyde Eats, created by Janine Brennan and her sister Yvonne Malloy, has processed around 1,000 orders since launching on September 1.

The new app, which was established to challenge mainstream food ordering apps, aims to give local businesses a new platform without paying astronomical overheads.

As the dynamic duo, who also run The Cottage Café Bistro, become more established they will also start donating a percentage of profits to local good causes.

Janine, who hails from Greenock, said: "We have been blown away with how many orders we've had so far.

"It proves there has been a real demand for the service.

"We also had eight new businesses join the platform within the first week.

"The more support we get, the more we will be able to give back to the local community.

"We're really excited about what's to come."

As well as helping out good causes with monetary and other donations, the Clyde Eats team are helping to raise their profiles.

Janine, who along with Yvonne helped to ensure no children went hungry during lockdown, told the Tele: "We are supporting Man On Inverclyde, the Inverclyde Community Fund and Morton in the Community.

"I was a keen footballer, so I wanted to do something to help out the local football scene.

"While we might not be able to provide monetary donations at the moment, we've been doing other things such as providing sponsorship for kits and offering meals for things like the Inverclyde STRIDE.

"So much good work happens in the community, so we are only too happy to get on board and offer our support as a thanks for everyone supporting us."

The team behind the app, which was developed by Tweetiepie Media, also took part in the STRIDE, organised by the Inverclyde Community Fund.

Helen McCormick, vice-chair of ICF, added: "We are so thankful for the support from the Clyde Eats team, it's an excellent new service that will really benefit the area.

"Inverclyde is special and unique and something like this is greatly appreciated here.

"We've had so much support already - we're really glad to be involved."