INVERCLYDE Heritage Network has captured the imagination as it looks to unite people who have a love of local history.

The network was set up in 2018 and launched its new website in May, including a fascinating 'Old and New Collage' interactive gallery.

It contains pictures of familiar locations in years gone by and allows viewers to move a bar across the screen revealing what the places look like now.

The online album has proved hugely popular.

Heritage Network member Chris Bradley, who has been posting the pictures, was inspired by the Kennedy collection of hundreds of old local photographs which featured in an exhibition at the McGilp's pop up shop in Gourock.

He said: "The Kennedy collection shows Inverclyde the way it used to be before it started to change.

"I thought it was fantastic.

"I am 52 and I wouldn't remember places when they looked like that.

"We've been matching up the old pictures and I have been taken photos of what they look like now."

The full Kennedy Collection is now available on the IHN website.

Secretary Cecile Fleming says the page is proving very popular.

She said: "The latest count from June showed 3,000 unique visits to the website."

Eleanor Robertson, chairperson, says the idea of the network is to be a first stop for any group or individual interested in the heritage of the district.

She said: "We have monthly talks and we are also inviting groups to advertise their events on our website.

"We are trying to get people to talk to each other."

As well as providing information the network also signposts people to other groups and websites, and helps the Watt Institution with research projects.

It aims to share knowledge and experience via talks, blogs, printed and digital media.

The network covers the seven towns and villages that make up Inverclyde.

For more information about it visit