A GREENOCK man who smashed up his girlfriend's home in a booze-fuelled rage has been spared jail — despite it being his FOURTH domestically aggravated offence.

David Riddell trashed the hallway and kitchen of the property before holing a wall by hurling a fruit bowl at it, then told police: "Just take me away."

The sheriff court heard how Riddell, 50, turned up 'highly intoxicated and highly agitated' after going on a drinking session following an earlier argument with his partner of five years.

Prosecutor Dana Barclay said: "He was being confrontational and began to shout and swear.

"The witness contacted her sister and she could hear items being smashed in the hallway.

"The accused then began to smash items in the kitchen.

"He threw a fruit bowl at the wall, causing a hole in the wall."

It was Riddell's fourth such offence in seven years.

The Telegraph told in 2018 how he turned up at the pub where his partner works and began shouting, swearing and making threats of violence.

Fiscal depute Ms Barclay said of Riddell's latest offence: "Police were contacted and upon arrival officers noted the witness was visibly upset.

"On being cautioned and charged the accused immediately held up his hands and stated, 'I've smashed the place up, just take me away'."

Riddell, of Gilmour Street, pleaded guilty to a charge of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner, shouting, swearing, throwing household items and causing damage.

He committed the offence on August 8.

Defence lawyer Aidan Gallagher said: "Without seeking to apportion blame, there was an incident the previous day and he returned to drink.

"He admits to having become complacent again regarding alcohol."

Mr Gallagher suggested a community payback order, supervision and an offender rehabilitation programme as a direct alternative to prison.

He said: "This would be to his benefit to address his behaviour in a domestic context and would also ensure, that if he doesn't comply, then by his own hand he will have taken himself into custody."

Sheriff David Hall told Riddell: "This behaviour just can't go on.

"The court will eventually just lose patience with you.

"With some hesitation, I am persuaded by the background report and by submissions by Mr Gallagher that I can allow you to remain at liberty, but you really are running out of chances."

Riddell has been placed on a two-year supervision order and an offender rehabilitation programme.

He must also complete 150 hours of unpaid work within a year.