AN alleged victim of the petrol bomb attacks which rocked Greenock last year issued a courtroom threat of violence towards a Greenock Telegraph reporter.

Rosaleen Sutherland — who told police she'd have her jailed son kill them — shouted verbal abuse from the dock of the sheriff court.

During her foul-mouthed tirade, 50-year-old Sutherland yelled at our reporter: "I'll do you in!

"You say anything about my son again and I'll do you in, ya scumbag, ya clown ye."

Sutherland had been remanded in custody last month after assaulting police officers on September 14 and telling them: "I'll have you two murdered, and your families."

Her 22-year-old son, Lenny Cole, is currently in prison facing two charges of attempted murder.

She told the police — whom she herself had called to her house on Union Street: "Lenny is getting out in two weeks and he'll petrol bomb your houses, and yous will be getting slashed.

"My Lenny will cut the head right off you."

Sutherland was appearing at the court for trial on separate charges of phoning police in May last year, threatening to commit suicide, shouting, swearing, acting aggressively, kicking a police officer and making threats to kill two PCs.

She was removed from the dock on the order of Sheriff Joseph Hughes following her outburst.

Sutherland was brought back up from the court cells following a lengthy adjournment and she apologised through lawyer Aidan Gallagher for her behaviour.

Mr Gallagher said: "She is apologetic.

"It follows from an article that appeared.

"Her house was allegedly previously subjected to targeted attacks."

Mr Gallagher told the court last month that Sutherland's son 'won't be out in two weeks'.

Cole is currently remanded in custody charged with trying to kill two men in separate incidents more than a year apart.

He is charged with the attempted murder of Shaun Charles in Greenock on June 9 in 2018 and is accused of a second murder bid in Port Glasgow town centre on August 27 in 2019.

He is said to have acted with another individual in attacking Reece Warnock, who is now deceased.

Sutherland's summary trial has been adjourned to next March.

Sheriff Hughes told her: "It is not appropriate to verbally attack anyone, least of all in a court.

"Do not ever again engage in the kind of conduct you displayed in this court."