A MAN stormed over to his 'very distressed' ex-partner's home at 1am and assaulted her after forcing entry to her flat — then claimed he was only there out of concern for her.

Jamie Watson of Greenock woke the woman's neighbours up by repeatedly banging her front door and windows and 'aggressively' shouting during a near half-hour disturbance, the sheriff court heard.

Watson, 23, said he went to the woman's town centre flat to help her because he was worried that she was self harming, but a sheriff told him he didn't believe him.

A neighbour of the victim told a trial that she and her husband were awoken by a 'loud banging' noise.

The 57-year-old witness, a clerical assistant, said: "I contacted the police because I was concerned for the young girl's wellbeing.

"It sounded as if a door was being banged — either punched or kicked.

"I heard a male voice shouting, it sounded quite aggressive but I wasn't standing next to him.

"I think he was banging on the flat windows as well."

The witness added: "I think I heard the woman crying."

Another witness said: "My dog was barking because of the noise."

The woman, 50, added: "The door was broken open and Jamie was inside [the flat].

"My neighbour was shouting for him to get out."

A female police officer, 44, told the court that the victim was 'very distressed and crying'.

She found signs of a disturbance in the bathroom, where a cat litter tray had been upturned and damaged, and the householder's glasses on the floor.

Watson, of Grieve Road, rejected his ex's evidence that he had called her a liar and a cheat during the incident on July 9 last year.

He said he'd remained friends with her following their break-up and was 'worried' about her following a Zoom call.

Watson told the court: "I've had problems with her self harming before.

"I felt quite worried and anxious.

"I was saying to please let me in because I just wanted to make sure she was okay.

"There was no criminal intention on my part."

Watson added: "She was unconscious lying on the floor and then she suddenly sprang up and started swearing a torrent of abuse.

"She repeatedly punched and slapped me on the face.

"I left as I was just getting hit all the time."

He claimed his ex had called her parents for help 'to add more drama' and 'make him out to be the bad one'.

Watson said the woman was lying about being taken aback by his presence at the flat.

Sheriff David Hall said he found the victim to be a credible and reliable witness who 'stood up well to cross-examination'.

He told Watson: "You I did not find credible or reliable. I did not believe your evidence."

Watson was found guilty of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner, repeatedly striking the front door, repeatedly demanding entry, gaining entry uninvited, shouting, swearing, destroying or damaging the property of another person and assaulting his ex by repeatedly pushing her on the body and knocking her to the floor.

Sentence on him has been deferred until October 29 for a background report, electronic tagging assessment and consideration of the imposition of a non-harassment order.