BUSINESS is booming for a specialist Port Glasgow company which is set to expand at a new base and is adding new staff.

DNA Coach, which provides businesses with a range of training and development programmes for their staff, have moved into Scarlow Business Centre in the town centre.

The office will grant some welcome stability for DNA Coach founder Laura Royal, who used to travel the length and breadth of the UK pre-pandemic as an independent consultant.

Her enterprise has come into its own since 2020, after its services proved invaluable to clients who were looking to take better care of their staff during the difficult pandemic period.

Laura said: "Business has been varied over the last 18 months, with programmes for leadership skills and coaching in particular being the biggest thing.

"Especially because many businesses are still going through the trials and tribulations of Covid, they want to look after their people in a better way.

"There's a real focus on wellbeing."

After spending much of the pandemic helping other companies look after their staff, Laura decided it was time to move the business out of her house and into a new office.

But the new HQ isn't the only expansion, as thanks to funding from the UK Government's Kickstart scheme - which provides money to create jobs for young people aged 16-24 - DNA Coach has been able to take Erin Houston on as a full-time business support assistant.

Erin says she is glad to have the opportunity to get some experience in a real office environment.

She said: "Kickstart gives great experience, it's a six month position initially, but it can be longer.

"Even if it isn't long-term you get great experience and you're ready to go to another workplace."

DNA Coach has also gained funding from the Santander bank and University of Glasgow, meaning they could take on Amy Bracewell, a masters student at the University of Glasgow, as an intern.

Laura says she is excited by the possibility of future expansion.

She said: "If we can grow the business over the next six months it would be awesome to have another couple of full-time people.

"There's space in this building to grow, so I hope it works out."