TALENTED young Inverclyde actors hope to leave audiences spellbound as they make their return to the stage.

Members of Inverclyde Youth Theatre (Kayos) will be performing Godspell at the Beacon from November 10-13.

The show was originally planned for October 2020 but was postponed and then shelved for a year.

The cast, led by artistic director Kevin Jannetts, are now raring to perform the parable-packed show in front of a live audience.

Kevin said: "It's been such a long time since we've been on stage in front of a live audience, so it will be quite emotional for everyone.

"It's great to be back doing something together live and fantastic to be able to do it at the Beacon."

In the show, actors help Jesus tell parables by using a variety of games, storytelling and comedy.

Featured songs include Day by Day, Prepare Ye and Learn Your Lessons Well.

Sian Campbell will be back with the cast as musical director.

In a theatrical twist, the young actors will be playing musical instruments on stage as well as dancing and singing.

Inverclyde Youth Theatre (Kayos) recently took part in clowning and puppetry workshops funded via the Culture Collective Fund and Kevin says the show will feature a lot of the skills developed by the young people in the fun sessions.

He added: "Godspell is a show that doesn't get performed a lot here.

"We performed it back in 2006 and loved it.

"The whole first act is parables so the actors are given stage directions.

"It took a while for the cast to get used to being able to interpret the parables however they wanted to.

"Everything in the show is led by the members.

"The young people are involved in the decision making and have real ownership of the show."

Throughout lockdown, Kevin says the cast kept in touch on Zoom and performed online, before gradually building up to rehearsing outdoors in small groups.

They've been rehearsing together at the 175 Club in Greenock for the last six weeks.

The artistic director said nothing beats the thrill of performing live in front of an audience.

Kevin added: "We had to carry on and adapt and we made the best out of a bad situation.

"It will be great to get back onto the stage as a group and to sing, dance, act and play as a group again."

To book tickets visit www.beaconartscentre.co.uk/events/godspell