A PIZZA delivery driver was threatened with being stabbed just moments before he was robbed of a food order and his car in a Greenock street.

The man was confronted by two thugs on a staircase landing and had a 12-inch pizza and a 'hoagie' meal snatched from him before being marched to his car following a demand for cash.

Robber Jamie Leonard — whom the driver believed was armed — took the keys to his Vauxhall Corsa and drove it away 'at speed' from an address on John Wilson Street.

Leonard, 27, is today facing a potential prison sentence after pleading guilty on indictment at the sheriff court to mugging the man.

The court heard that the driver was already 'apprehensive' about the delivery because a person who phoned-in the order had said he only had a £100 note and would need change.

Prosecutor Mark Nicol said: "The driver left his personal belongings in the car, including £95 in cash.

"A male answered and said to the driver to 'come upstairs'.

"As the delivery driver reached the landing there were two males.

"The accused stated, 'Gie's the pizza'.

"The driver thought this was a joke but the pizza was grabbed from him."

A man who is meantime unknown to the Crown told the driver: "I've got a knife and I'll stab you — empty your pockets."

Leonard — with one hand behind his back and giving the impression that he was armed — ordered the driver to the car.

He said: "Let's go to your car, you must have money in the car."

The court was told that the driver got into the car and put the keys in the ignition but Leonard took them and said: "You're no' driving away."

Fiscal depute Mr Nicol said: "The accused had held the car door open and still had his hand behind his back, giving the impression that he had a weapon.

"The driver got out of the car, the accused got in and he drove off at speed.

"Police were contacted by the delivery driver."

The court heard that the Corsa was found on Sinclair Street.

It was forensically examined and Leonard's DNA was on the steering wheel.

He committed the offence on June 19 last year and was arrested the following month, on July 2.

Defence lawyer Ellen Macdonald said: "There is a record but nothing for violence or on indictment for dishonesty."

Sheriff Joseph Hughes deferred sentence on Leonard, of Grosvenor Road, for a background report and an electronic tagging assessment to be carried out.

Bail has been continued until a sentencing hearing on October 27.