A DRUNK driver drove her car into a hedge and a roadworks trench in Greenock just six weeks after passing her test.

Gillian Nicholson was on Burns Road in Larkfield when she drove straight on instead of taking a right-hand bend near Athole Terrace.

The mum-of-two got behind the wheel of Jeep Grand Cherokee gifted to her by her father at 6.30am after going on a booze session following a child's birthday party, the sheriff court was told.

Nicholson, 38, approached police waving her hands and saying: "Yoo-hoo, it's me — I messed it."

She was later found to be nearly five times the booze limit.

Prosecutor Heather Galbraith said: "The accused failed to negotiate the corner and went straight on and crashed her car into a hedge, running over a road sign.

"Police were contacted by witnesses who noted the vehicle to be stuck but the accused managed to get it unstuck and drove forward again at speed.

"The car mounted the pedestrian footpath and collided with roadwork fence barriers.

"The vehicle then became wedged between a hedge and a trench."

Fiscal depute Miss Galbraith added: "She tried to drive out of the trench but was unable to.

"She exited the vehicle and staggered around the road.

"Police attended and the accused emerged from a path, waving her hands and stating, 'Yoo-hoo, it's me — I messed it'.

"She was clearly intoxicated."

The court heard that Nicholson, of Braeside Road, later provided an alcohol reading at Greenock police office of 104mcg of booze in 100ml of breath. The legal limit is 22mcg.

Defence lawyer Ellen Macdonald said: "This was utterly out of character.

"There was a birthday party for a nine-year-old child and drinking among adults continued afterwards.

"She has absolutely no idea why she's behaved in the manner she has.

"She is deeply embarrassed."

Ms Macdonald added: "There are no underlying issues with drink.

"She only passed her test six weeks prior to the incident.

"The vehicle was given to her by her father."

Sheriff Joseph Hughes has banned Nicholson from the roads for 20 months.

He also fined her the sum of £320.