THE much-loved Waverley is preparing to undergo a winter overhaul in preparation for her 75th anniversary diamond jubilee season next year.

Waverley made a triumphant return to service last year, taking 52,409 passengers on Clyde cruises, with many departing from Greenock.

However, due to the pandemic, the famous vessel was only able to carry a third of her normal capacity.

Because of this she was not able to earn the revenue to carry her through the ‘off season’ - with £400k now needed to carry out the works.

A Waverley spokesperson said: "Even with new boilers and electrical systems, work is required on Waverley this winter to allow her to carry passengers through her 75th anniversary and beyond."

The galley will also be refurbished as the equipment is nearly 20 years old.

The winter maintenance bill will be part-funded by trusts, foundations, supporters and donations.

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