YOUNGSTERS at Newark Primary have marked Black History Month with lessons that explored history and culture.

Pupils from the Port Glasgow school learned about a variety of important figures and events in black history through a variety of activities.

Katie D'Souza's primary five class were particularly keen to learn about black history and covered topics like the slave trade, the work of Mary Seacole and the black mathematicians who helped make space flight possible.

The class also enjoyed learning about black hairstyles by reading the acclaimed book Mophead, a memoir written by New Zealand-born author Selina Tusitala Marsh about her experiences growing up with thick, curly hair.

Black History Month was established in 1987, running for the whole of October, and its aim is to acknowledge the achievements and contributions that people of black African and Caribbean descent have made to the UK and world history.

Head teacher Lauren O'Hagan praised the students' enthusiasm and said she was delighted the pupils were taking such an active role in their own learning.

She said: "October is Black History Month and we felt as a school that it was important for us to highlight that, so that all of our children could see themselves in our curriculum.

"We spoke to the children about what they would like to learn about - some classes have done a novel study, primary six are doing 'The boy in the back of the class', which is about refugees.

"That is quite pertinent for us because we have some refugee families here.

"Primary five were keen to learn about all sorts of different things - we think it's important to listen to the pupils' voices to help lead the curriculum and plan what they would like to learn about.

"They've all been so engaged in it and it's something which has been really worthwhile."