A GOUROCK artist's nights on the tiles have created a hugely popular new custom for her.

Catriona Reid was inspired by a striking photograph of Scots pine trees to branch out and grow her own creations.

By day, Catriona teaches art in a custodial setting, working with offenders, and by night she designs beautiful ink drawings on tiles.

Her creations came to life after she was inspired by a photo taken by her partner, film photographer David Gillanders, just as lockdown hit in March 2020.

Catriona said: "David took a photo of pine trees silhouetted and I thought 'I would love to draw that', as I used to draw Scots pine trees and dry stane dykes when I was a wee girl.

"I have a big connection with Scots pine.

"They remind me of home in Campbeltown and bring back very happy memories."

Catriona tried ink on paper but it didn't capture the luminescence of the photograph and she then stumbled upon using a fine black ink pen and a tile.

Since then, she has created a portfolio of drawings on tiles of various sizes - and demand for her work has soared over the last few months.

Catriona, 45, said that the success of her business has been a real boost in difficult times.

She said: "The stillness of lockdown was very isolating and I got very lonely.

"It was great to be able to create something.

"There's been a lot of experimenting and lot of trial and error.

"I have to be very still and very calm.

"It came to me really naturally and easily."

Catriona worked on ferries and in factories before studying sculpture and environmental at Glasgow School of Art when she was in her early 30s.

She started working as an art teacher in a custodial setting around four years ago and says she's learned more in that time than she has in 45 years of life.

The Gourock artist added: "Art has always been the thing I was good at.

"People told me art school was an indulgence and a waste of time when I was younger.

"I've learned so much teaching art, it's an amazing thing to do."

Catriona says living in Gourock has a huge impact on her work.

She said: "I see an incredible view every day with changing skies and water."

Some of Catriona's work is currently on display in the Scotia Visuals gallery in Finnieston.

To see more of her work search for catrionareid.scot on Instagram.