With stylish looks, a plush cabin and refined driving dynamics, the Peugeot 3008 is among the best family SUVs on the market.

This spacious and practical machine – which recently underwent a mid-life facelift – remains among the most appealing vehicles in its class.

The styling changes introduced to the latest version of the 3008 are subtle, yet significant enough to provide a more contemporary look.

That fresh edge is brought about by new side-scoops in the bumper, new headlights and a new frameless radiator grille.

All the exterior lighting is LED across the range, while all versions have alloy wheels.

Greenock Telegraph: Left and top right, the 3008 is pictured in a lofty location looking down on the Colne Valley area of Kirklees and (top left) amid a great sunset

It all makes for a sharp, smart and bang-up-to-date look that makes the 3008 easy on the eye.

My test car was one of two plug-in hybrids available in the range, and was powered by the impressive Hybrid 225 e-EAT8 unit, which uses one electric motor alongside a 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine.

The 13.2kWh battery can be charged in an hour and 45 minutes and offers nearly 40 miles of electric range according to official statistics, although the figure seemed closer to 25 miles in real world driving conditions.

Combining nicely with an eight-speed automatic transmission, it made for a smooth, refined and economical drive.

In hybrid mode, the car decides for itself whether to use electric or petrol power, or combine the two, so as to run as efficiently as possible.

The Hybrid 225 provides a 0-62mph time of 8.9 seconds, which isn’t blistering but feels swift enough for a vehicle in this category.

The claimed fuel economy of between 157mpg and 222 mpg sounds fantastic, but you’ll need to charge up the 3008 frequently if you’re hoping to achieve anything close to those figures.

The ride quality is well judged, with the set-up offering a balance between sharp handling capabilities and comfort.

The steering is light and quick, which makes the vehicles especially easy to manoeuvre at lower speeds around town.

Greenock Telegraph: .

The quality of the cabin is as good if not better than anything in this class. It feels contemporary, well laid-out and comfortable.

Peugeot’s attractive iCockpit dash includes a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster which sits high above the type of low-set shrunken steering wheel so often favoured by Peugeot down the years. It takes a bit of adapting to - but I came to rather like it.

The 'piano key' buttons - which lend the cabin a premium feel - provide menu shortcuts to the infotainment system. Above that eye-catching row of seven shiny silver keys sits a

10-inch high-definition touchscreen, which offers crisp graphics and represents a step up from the previous model's smaller screen.

In terms of interior space, there are some compromises to be aware of if you’re buying the hybrid version, notably that boot space has been reduced to allow room for the batteries – leaving a 395-litre boot instead of the regular car’s massive 520-litres. That said, it’s still plenty big enough for most everyday requirements.

Space up front is plentiful and the driver can adjust their seat to provide a commanding view of the road ahead, although the rear view is slightly hampered by a small back window. There's decent head and legroom in the back, with three people able to sit fairly comfortably across the wide back bench. The upholstery is part-leather and offers good comfort levels.

The list of standard equipment is decent, with even the basic car getting keyless start, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and dual-zone climate control.

As you work your way up the trim trail, you'll be greeted by the addition of the Safety Plus Pack and Visibility Pack when you get to Allure Premium level.

It's an SUV that gives premium brands a run for their money.

The Lowdown

Peugeot 3008 Allure Premium Hybrid

PRICE: £38,010 on the road

ENGINE: 1.6-litre turbo petrol

0-62MPH: 8.9 seconds

FUEL ECONOMY: 157.2-222.3mpg (WLTP)

CO2 emissions: 31g/km (WLTP)

ELECTRIC RANGE: 32-39 miles

TRANSMISSION: 8-speed automatic, front wheel drive