A FED-UP councillor says a regularly submerged car park has become another 'Gourock pool'.

Lynne Quinn has received several complaints from residents in Shore Street, saying they cannot use car park outside the flats and town health centre.

After one recent downpour the water was around eight inches deep and covering most of the parking spaces.

Councillor Quinn said: "Myself and a number of residents reported the issue of drainage back at the start of October when a small amount of water was gathering within the car park.

"River Clyde Homes said it was scheduled in for maintenance and they would get back to me with a date.

"It's got progressively worse and despite further complaints from residents and myself no action has been taken.

"It can't be used when it is like this and parking in Shore Street is limited as it is."

The Gourock councillor is also unhappy about the quality of repairs to fix pot holes at the medical practice car park.

She said: "I first reported this issue with potholes in January 2020 and although it looks like work has finally been done I cannot believe I have waited almost two years for this patch-up job.

"It is still a hazard for people walking in and out of the health centre and I sincerely hope that further works are planned.

"I've noticed that that the ground is sinking in parts, so a further inspection is definitely required."

The car park is the responsibility of River Clyde Homes.

Councillor Quinn says she understand the pressures that the pandemic has brought to bear on the housing association, but that bosses had to get their act together.

She said: "I understand the pandemic has affected a lot of organisations, including River Clyde Homes, with staff being off and restrictions being in place a backlog of repairs has accumulated.

"But as we now move towards normality, Covid can no longer be an excuse not to have a plan in place to ensure urgent works are prioritised.

"Their customers deserve a better level of service than they are currently receiving."

A spokesperson for River Clyde Homes said: “We responded to an enquiry from Councillor Quinn on Thursday indicating that the blocked gully that is causing the issue in the car park will be cleared.

"This should happen early next week.”