SCORES of staff at adult care homes in Inverclyde are yet to receive a single dose of a coronavirus vaccine.

New figures show that 78 per cent of employees have received the first dose, while only 67 per cent have been double-jabbed.

There has been a slightly better uptake in older people’s care homes, but 10 per cent of staff in these settings have not had any jags, while 12 per cent are still to have their second shot.

Half of the employees in adult care homes have received a third jab, while 55 per cent in older people’s homes have had a booster.

Uptake among residents is much more consistent.

Every single person staying in an adult care home has been double-jabbed according to the statistics, while 97 per cent of residents in older people’s homes have received both doses.

Eighty-nine per cent of residents in both types of home have also received a booster and the vast majority have been given flu vaccinations too.

A spokesman for Inverclyde Health & Social Care Partnership said: “All staff have been offered the vaccine and we encourage all those who are able to get the vaccine as soon as possible, including first, second and booster doses.

“Uptake of the vaccine for all members of the population is voluntary but it is the best form of protection against this awful virus.”

A report presented to councillors on the vaccination rate says: 'It has been noted numbers for the third vaccination are not as high as those for first and second.

'This is due to there being a change in residents since the first two doses and not all residents are due their third dose yet.

'There are also a small number of residents being admitted to care homes who have not received any doses of the vaccine yet.'

Forty per cent of staff in older people’s homes have had a flu jab, while just over a quarter have had one in adult care homes.

Data has also been released on how many Covid tests have been carried out on residents and staff since the height of the pandemic last year.

Since April 27 last year, 52,132 staff tests have been carried out in older people’s care homes.

A total of 6,164 resident tests have been conducted.

In adult care homes, 141 resident tests have been carried out since June last year, while 6,167 have been done on staff.

The report said: 'We continue to test all service users prior to admission to a care home from either the community or an acute setting.

'All residents are tested on a surveillance basis whilst staff require to be tested twice a week. 

'All visitors require a negative test before any visit.

'The test results are monitored weekly by the Health and Social Care Partnership and in the event of a positive test the HSCP is notified and appropriate action is taken to mass-test residents and look to home closure or isolation as per public health advice.'