BUDDING actors from Garvel Deaf Unit are hoping to wow their parents and peers with a special sign language pantomime.

Pupils from the unit recorded their panto entirely in British Sign Language (BSL) with a voiceover for non-deaf audiences, and hope that their parents and fellow pupils enjoy watching the performance when the recording is posted online.

The pantomime, entitled 'The Enormous Present', was based on the classic children's tale 'The Enormous Turnip' and saw Santa enlist the help of various characters to deliver a gigantic present.

Rehearsals for the show have been taking place since October.

Karen MacLeod, principal teacher at Garvel, told the Tele that the pupils were proud to be performing a show entirely in their own language and they had been delighted to see their hard work pay off.

She said: "Putting the panto together has been amazing for our pupils.

"We did another show just before the summer and the difference between then and now in their confidence is immense.

"One of their teachers, Jennifer Campbell, has been working so hard to help them practice all their parts.

"I can't put into words how brilliant it was for them to be able to perform in their own language."

Karen added that there has been a buzz around BSL this year due to the success of Strictly Come Dancing winner Rose Ayling-Ellis, who is deaf.

Karen said: "The pupils have been sitting and watching Rose's dances from the weekend when they get together on a Friday.

"I think it has inspired them to see themselves represented on TV.

"The panto has a dance section in the middle of it, and the pupils have loved learning all the steps.

"They danced to 'Santa Claus is coming to town' and had an absolute ball.

"Here at Garvel, we always try to give our pupils the opportunity to try things, like dancing, that aren't traditionally seen as being something those who are deaf would be interested in."