A KILMACOLM radio presenter has teamed up with a former Texas star and an iconic voice actor to record a hit new tune.

Radio DJ and presenter Josie Smith, who recently moved to the Inverclyde village, has recorded 'The Time In Between' with partner and former Texas member Michael Bannister and their pal, comedian Jon Culshaw.

Jon, who is starring in Lena Zavaroni's life story on stage at the Beacon in March, first came up with the idea for the single in the 1980's whilst working as a radio DJ in Preston.

Describing it as an 'audio snowdrop', the idea for the song about the period between Christmas Day and New Year's Day came after he had no festive music left to play come Boxing Day.

Jon, who is best known for radio comedy Dead Ringers, said: "When I was 19-years-old and working on the radio, I thought it was so stark that the Christmas music just shuddered to a halt come Boxing Day.

"I came up with the idea of a song about the time, one where people are having Baileys for breakfast and days on the sofa. We have lots about Christmas, but there are no tracks about that weird and wonderful period.

"The tune has a real 1980s feel - and the music video is like a cross between Thunderbirds and Coronation Street.

"We've had a really good response so far and hopefully it will become a permanent fixture in the Christmas charts."

The trio, who are going by the name TURK. E CURRY, use doppelganger puppets in the video to give it a real retro feel.

Josie, who works on Nation Radio, says the track was set for release in 2020 but felt it was inappropriate to put it out during what proved a difficult Christmas period for many.

She told the Tele: "We really had fun with this project and it provided some joy during a dreadful time.

"We couldn't put a track out with lyrics saying 'what a lovely Christmas it's been' when so many people had endured such a tough time last year, so I'm delighted we've now managed to release it.

"We really wanted to create something that offers light relief from what can be a hard time and celebrates this wonderful week where nobody really knows what day or time it is.

"It's had a lovely reception and we will hope to hear it played by all ages for years to come."

To listen to the single visit bit.ly/3mA6CGD.