CRAFTY kids put themselves in the frame for praise by excelling in an arts project.

Pupils from Aileymill Primary took part in workshops as part of a project called Power to Change which was run by local artist Alec Galloway.

To mark the end of the classes they visited Youth Connections in Burns Square for lunch and to showcase what they'd produced.

Alec led sessions at the school over six weeks, based on the themes of family and growth.

He said: "The kids have been delightful, they have really entered into the spirit of the project and had lots of great ideas.

"We explored not just plants and trees growing but how communities, families and people grow.

"We looked at their own families and their favourite places and people in the community.

"They were very vocal and are pretty proud of where they live."

The classes involved made clay figures of members of their own families and also also did sketching and drawing.

Alec then went into the studio and made 'seeds of growth' glass pieces from their designs and they all received one each at the end of the project.

Teacher Claire Spence said: "The children really enjoyed the workshops and kept asking when Alec was coming back to the school again.

"They loved working with Alec."

Power to Change was run through Youth Connections and funded by Inspiring Scotland/Creative Communities.

The Aileymill visit also gave Alec the chance to announce the winner of a Christmas Card competition run by his studio Crow Cottage Arts in Kempock Street.

The lucky winner was Adam Dickson, eight, who is in P5C, for his design showing Santa flying across the sky.

Alec said: "We had around 60 entries and put them on display in the studio and the public were asked to vote.

"I think everyone liked Adam's card because it looked like Christmas Eve, the children waiting at home and Santa flying across the dark sky.

Adam's card was printed and the proceeds from each one sold are going to the Calum's Cabin charity.