A TOP team of church leaders have swapped the pulpit for the pub - to form their very own quiz team.

Aptly named Divine Intervention, they meet up at the Spinnaker Hotel in Gourock every Thursday night to put themselves to the test.

Reverend Teri Peterson came up with the idea and used to go along with former Lyle Kirk minister reverend Owen Derrick.

She then got Reverend David Burt, of Old Gourock & Ashton Church and new Lyle Kirk minister Reverend Jonathan Fleming on board, along with retired minister Revered Brian Webster and Father Gerry McNellis, of St Ninian's Church in Gourock.

Teri said: "We are usually in the top two or three teams but not last week unfortunately.

"We had a reduced team and we didn't know any of the answers.

"Jesus said 'The last shall be first' - we took some comfort in that!

All have their own specialist subjects - David and Jonathan are hot on music, while Brian, who is from Gourock, has good local knowledge and football and sport is Gerry's forte.

Jonathan who was inducted as minister of Lyle Church last year, says it's been a great way to get to know his new colleagues.

He said: "It's a good opportunity to socialise and unwind."

As the only female in the team, Teri often tries to keep the boys in line.

She said: "I try and fail.

"Gerry is the one who tends to keep us all in line, with a slap on the hand."

Teri said: "Sometimes we have spouses and other family members join us.

"We've met a lot of people from the other teams and doing the quiz shows we are normal people, we like to go out with friends, have a fun time and have a drink.

"It has strengthened our relationships with each other."