VOLUNTEERS at the Inverclyde Foodshare in Greenock's west end say it has taken off after a busy festive season and hectic start to the new year.

The popular hub run by the Creative Inverclyde group at the Scout hall on Finnart Street stayed open during the Christmas holidays.

The group received stocks over the festive period from various supermarkets and residents have been happy to collect food that would otherwise have needlessly gone to landfill.

The foodshare is very much a team effort and Morag Paul, Yvonne Lyon and Sandra Reynolds were on hand at the tables when the Tele visited.

Morag said: "We usually have a lot of food but we received more over Christmas.

"I think some of the projects haven't been open during Christmas.

"It's been very successful - all of this stuff would be going into landfill without the foodshare."

Yvonne added: "It is a great initiative and I think it should operate in other areas.

"We get a lot of food from M&S and from the Co-op and Tesco."

As well as individuals picking up supplies, food is regularly collected for residents at the Riverside Gardens sheltered housing complex in Gourock.

If there is any left over it is usually given to the homeless centre or Branchton Community Centre.

Yvonne said: "It's free and it doesn't matter what your economic situation is - it's about zero waste."

The foodshare runs every Wednesday at 11am.

The group want to thank Jim Bell of the scouts for the free use of the hut and for helping to put the tables out.