ORGANISERS of Greenock newest foodbank have started a search to find a new base.

Louise Glass launched the charity at the Broomhill Tavern in November and since then she has been inundated with donations.

Louise says she is very grateful to owner Eddie McCallum for allowing her to use the premises but believes that being based in a pub could be deterring some people from coming forward to get help.

Louise, who works as a pupil support assistant at St Patrick's Primary, said: "Eddie and his staff have been great, but he is trying to run a business and it's a small pub.

"We are looking for new premises.

"Ideally we are looking for support from the council."

Broomhill councillor Colin Jackson is helping Louise to try and identify a new HQ, with the former River Clyde Homes office at the shops mooted as a possibility.

He said: "I've contacted the council and said the RCH office would be ideal because they will never be coming back to use it.

"They were very helpful and said it is a possibility but it would need to go in front of a committee."

An Inverclyde Council spokesperson said: “We’ve had initial discussions and provided information around what would be required and what other support might be available and we’re happy to provide further assistance if and when a formal application is submitted.”

Councillor Jackson says there is a real need for such a facility in the area, illustrated by the fact he has spent a lot of time this week trying to get crisis loans for families.

He said: "The choice for some low paid families who are on zero hours contracts is to either put food on the table or heat the house.

"They chose to feed their families and needed grants to heat their homes - this is the situation we're in."

Louise says having their own dedicated premises would mean she would enable them to help more people in need as they could establish a rota with volunteers.

Louise said: "It would be better organised and we could be more flexible over when we open.

*If anyone can help Louise, or needs help from the foodbank, they can call her on 07896035581.