FAMILIES at a Gourock school are leading a campaign to make their dreams of an outdoor classroom come true.

The parent council at Moorfoot Primary have launched a bid to raise £10,000 to build an outside learning centre in the grounds.

With Covid putting a stop to fundraisers such as fetes, families decided to get together raise the cash themselves.

Parent council member Lorella Sutherland says the classroom would be a great asset to the school.

She said: "We all know how important it is for children to learn outdoors.

"Getting out into the fresh air is important for their health and mental wellbeing.

"The children love learning outdoors and it is so good for them in all weathers.

"The parent council felt that our children deserved it, so we decided that we wanted to support the school and make it happen.

"We have set up our own fundraising page and campaign, as it costs around £10,00 by the time you get the structure and all the materials."

Thanks to generous donations from Tesco and the Cowal View Keystore nearby, the fundraisers are closing in on hitting their target.

Primary six pupils Isla Kennedy and Mirrin Fay say they can't wait to have lessons outside.

Isla said: "We love going out, just now we only go out for sports so it would be good to get out more."

Friend Mirrin added: "The younger ones really love it as well and it is great for the imagination."