A DRUNKEN Port Glasgow man ruined Christmas by erupting in fury after his partner hid his cocaine from him.

Daniel Batty flew into a furious temper and held a knife to his own throat in an apparent threat to cut himself if he didn't get his 'stuff' back.

Batty had moments earlier hurled various items around the kitchen of their Bay Street home after finding the drug was missing.

He committed the threatening and abusive behaviour offence on Christmas Eve and has been barred from returning home since then.

Now a sheriff is considering imposing a long-term non-harassment order on the now two-time domestic aggravation offender.

Greenock Sheriff Court heard how Batty's partner had removed two wraps of 'white powder' from his jacket pocket.

Prosecutor Pamela Brady said: "The children went to bed at 8pm and his partner later found him to be drunk and loud in the living room.

"She asked him to calm down to avoid waking the children, and because there was some preparation to be done for Christmas Day.

"The accused went into the utility room and he could be heard banging and shouting.

"The complainer asked the accused what he was looking for, concerned that it might be cocaine, as she had removed two wraps of white powder from his jacket pocket earlier in the day.

"The accused stated, 'What did you do with my stuff?'.

"He proceeded to pick up various items and he threw them across the kitchen.

"This caused the complainer to be in a state of fear."

Fiscal depute Mrs Brady added: "The accused went to the cutlery drawer and removed a kitchen knife.

"He held it to his own neck and made motions as if to cut his throat if he didn't get his 'stuff' back.

"The complainer phoned the accused's sister who told her to call the police straight away in order to protect the children."

The court heard that Batty remained in and 'agitated and erratic state' and he demanded for the back door of the house to be unlocked to allow him to leave before officers arrived.

Mrs Brady said: "His partner complied because she was frightened about what he might do.

"Police located a short time later, still within Bay Street.

"The social work department is now involved due to concerns for the young children."

Batty was placed on an undertaking to stay away from his home until the case called in court.

His lawyer, Amy Spencer, sought bail on terms that would allow him to return to the property.

Miss Spencer said: "He has co-operated fully with the undertaking conditions and the complainer has told me that she does not wish special bail conditions.

"She advises that the relationship is not yet over and that Mr Batty needs help with regard to cocaine and alcohol.

"The children have already had to spend Christmas without him and he accepts responsibility for that."

Sheriff Michael Higgins deferred sentence on Batty and ordered a background report and an electronic tagging assessment to be prepared.

The sheriff allowed bail but refused him permission to return home, stating that the court had 'wider considerations'.

Sentence and a determination on a possible non-harassment order has been continued until February 4.