PORT Glasgow is set to lose its public toilets at night following a series of disgraceful vandalism attacks.

Council bosses will close the Coronation Park facilities at 6pm, after they were damaged three times, with doors kicked in, hand driers booted off the walls and fires lit.

This also follows an outbreak of anti-social behaviour in the town centre, with young people running amok.

A local councillor says the decision to shut the toilets will have a serious impact on older people and visitors using the park.

Councillor Jim MacLeod, a wheelchair user, said: "I was down at Coronation Park and people were talking about the toilets being closed.

"I have also spoken to older people in the high rise flats who are worried they will have nowhere to go if they are out after 6pm.

"I completely understand the dilemma facing the council but I do wonder if we could find another way like CCTV, especially in the lighter nights when so many people use the park at night.

"I can understand an earlier closure in the winter.

"During the pandemic the park has been very busy, with people using it even more.

"This will stop people coming."

"I would like to see if we could find a way to even keep them open in the summer with extra security.

In a report officials said they'd looked at alternatives including CCTV.

But after introducing early closures at both Kilblain Street and Hunter Place in Greenock town centre, they are now opting for a similar approach in Port Glasgow.

The Greenock town centre toilets were closed early two years ago after fires were set when yobs and caused extensive damage.

Officers say the shortened hours have not caused any problems and that the cost to repair the damage to the Port loos was considerable.

But they have agreed to look at the feasibility of keeping the Coronation Park conveniences open later in the summer months.