A PORT Glasgow man fears a 'dangerous' tree could topple on to his home.

Ian McLennan, who lives in Maxwelton Road, has grown increasingly concerned about his safety due to a large tree which overhangs his garden.

He raised the alarm with housing bosses but was told the tree was perfectly safe.

Now after highlighting his concerns again, they have pledged to inspect the tree on a yearly basis.

Mr McLennan said: "I am very worried about the tree, especially when the leaves come back.

"We get some high winds here and I am scared.

"I really want River Clyde Homes to take some action.

"I asked them to come out and look at it and they sent someone out, they put their arm on the tree, pushed it and said 'it is fine'.

"I was certainly not convinced."

River Clyde Homes has confirmed plans to put the tree on an inspection list and carry out maintenance work.

Stevie McLachlan, head of customer service at River Clyde Homes, said: “Our environmental team from Home Fix Scotland have inspected this sycamore tree and concluded that the area was safe.

"This tree has been added to the annual programme of inspections and any maintenance works required will be completed.

"We have also arranged for representatives from Home Fix Scotland to meet with Mr McLennan again to discuss his concerns and carry out a further inspection.

"As always, the safety of our residents remains paramount and we will continue to thoroughly investigate and carry out repairs where necessary.”