HOSPITAL trouble, a nail-biting local election and a city bid surprise will all hit the headlines in 2022 according to one of Inverclyde's top psychics.

Frank Pilkington, a talented seer from Port Glasgow, has opened his third eye and told Tele readers what they can expect from the year ahead.

Mr Pilkington believes that the drama of the last two years will continue in 2022, with major powers like the monarchy, the government and banks all facing challenges.

The astrologer attributes this to Pluto in Capricorn, and says that the two major planets that have been causing the trouble of the last two years will end their time together at the close of the year, bringing back some semblance of normality.

Locally, Mr Pilkington predicts Inverclyde may see the closure of a major hospital and that the district is set for a close-fought council election in May.

He believes that the SNP will return in the upcoming elections, but gains for Labour could mean that the election goes down to the wire.

From May onwards, anything entrepreneurial will 'come into its own' and as a result, Inverclyde will see expansion and building.

Frank says that Inverclyde's ports will benefit from this expansion but it will take two years to come to fruition.

There is good news for anyone hoping that Greenock's city bid will be successful, as the seer says that the proposal is 'a goer' and that he has been picking up a lot of energy around it.

In the world of politics, Mr Pilkington predicts that the recent scandals from Downing Street will be seen as 'just the tip of the iceberg' and says that Tory party 'sleeping giants' will awaken in March and April to make sweeping changes.

Across the pond, he predicts Donald Trump will become prominent again in the US's mid-term elections in November and that the country will have a 'major political fight' on its hands.

While normality might return at the end of the year, the stars have shown Frank signs that further trouble may lie in wait.

The psychic said: "Uranus, the planet of sudden change, will see concentration on the internet plus major earthquakes.

"The significant problems with the internet may ultimately be traced back to China.

"If you are entrepreneurial, stick to your guns as 2022 may be your year.

"I came to live here four years ago on the day that the Glen Sannox was launched.

"Like the ship, nothing much has moved for many of us over the last couple of years, but it’s about to - like a car accelerating from nought to sixty in a few seconds - stand by for rapid change.

"If anyone would like to know more about their year ahead, they can visit my website,"