GOUROCK Post Office in Kempock Street has re-opened after a councillor held crisis talks with bosses.

Lynne Quinn had raised concerns about the branch being closed down for the fourth time in a year without any warning and she set up a meeting with Post Office bosses.

Their external affairs manager informed her about the reopening this week and sought to give assurances about the outlet and its future.

But Cllr Quinn remains unconvinced that the problems affecting the branch have been resolved, while customers have also complained about a lack of reliability.

She said: "I was told that they [staff] had been self-isolating and it was a Covid issue.

"How could there have been a Covid issue four times in a year?

"I explained that the service had been unreliable beyond Covid times."

The office is run by a franchise owner who contracts the service out.

Councillor Quinn said: "The post office is two steps removed from the people who are actually running the post office.

"I expressed my concerns, as we need a reliable post office in Gourock.

" A number of elderly people buy electricity cards there and need the services it provides.

"Businesses who need to collect parcels and deposit money are suffering.

"People will start to go elsewhere, which could lead to the end of the post office in Gourock."

She said: "The external affairs manager said they were going to have a meeting with the franchise owner over the concerns of the community."

A Post Office spokesperson said: “Gourock Post Office re-opened on Monday.

"We apologise for the temporary closure due to illness and a family bereavement.”